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2023 production best ever at 506,942 kWh in total.

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December was best month of the year for production at 62,327 kWh.



  • Jon Smith

    12/01/2024 at 6:34 pm

    We are hoping to start building the Whalley Community Sports building at the Queen Elizabeth II Playing Fields Charitable Trust site, this year. When we open it will be a warm place for all, retired people and young families will be welcome, whenever we are open. We plan to heat with a heat exchanger and to use solar panels, if we can afford them.
    How would we apply for a grant, if you are still able to award them.
    Many thanks,
    Jon Smith
    WSCP Chair(charity no.1161880)
    QEII Trustee(charity no.517707)
    WPC Councillor

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