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  • AGM held 21/11/18

    Production at 102% of planned output due to close control of plant to optimise output. Further funds added to Community Benefit Fund. Discussion ref provision of Electric Vehicle charging points in local area. Share interest of 5% to be paid in January 2019. G Sowter reelected as Chairman.

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  • AGM date 21 November 2018

    2018 AGM will be held at 7.30 on Wednesday 21st November at the Old Grammar School, Whalley.

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  • AGM will be called in November

    This years' AGM will be held in November - final date to be advised. A calling notice will be issued and requests for matters to be added to the Agenda will be considered.

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  • Production back up to speed

    Even after the long dry spell production is up to 12 month average with a few weeks of the year to go.

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  • Spoke too soon – performance down due to hot weather

    Production across June and July 2018 has been down due to lower water  levels - not a drought but if there is insufficient flow the turbine stops automatically.

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  • 2017/18 Best year ever for production

    Due to the wet weather last year Whalley Hydro have had a very productive year.

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  • Join the ‘Energy Heroes!’ team

    Advert for someone with primary school teaching experience We are looking for a part time teacher to join our team of ‘Energy Heroes!’ to deliver an innovative maths and science programme to year 5 pupils in 4 schools annually across the locality. The role will include liaising with schools in order to support their journey towards becoming ‘Energy Heroes!’, delivering the first of 6 lessons and an assembly and also working alongside our energy experts at ...

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  • Excellent output continues

    Over two months early our exported electricity  for the first 10 months of this year (345,000kWh) has already reached the 20 year average target for the full year. The recent exceptionally wet weather has brought a disappointing end to summer but has resulted in higher than average river flow.

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  • Output 2016-17

    With over three months still to go, the turbine export for this year exceeded the total generated for the whole of our first year of operation (303,400kWh) mainly due to this year so far being wetter than average.

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  • First GWh output for Whalley Hydro

    The plant has continued to operate reliably and recent plant performance/output has remained very healthy. With the wetter than normal end to July the output for the month was 24,000kWh far exceeding the target of 7,000kWh expected for the average rainfall for July. Based on the 20 year average rainfall/river flow since start-up in November 2014 the predicted generation total to date amounts to 926,000kWh. However because actual rainfall/river flow has been higher than this average, ...

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