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  • Piclo report out now

    The report on the Piclo peer-to-peer energy trading trial is now available for download. Whalley Community Hydro has been taking part in this ground breaking trial which shows the way to the future for electricity generators and consumers (see our news item 12 April 2016). Local matching puts people in control of their energy. As DECC’s Community Energy Strategy states, this can build stronger communities, create jobs, improve health and support ...

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  • Strong public support for renewable energy

    Support for renewable energy has been consistently high at around 75-80% over the past four years according to the DECC Public Attitudes Tracker –Wave 16. This information is from polls done four times a year. The latest survey, done in December 2015, showed 78% support for renewable energy.

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  • Whalley Community Hydro in peer-to-peer energy trading trial

    Whalley Community hydro is taking part in a pioneering trial that may alter the way in which electricity is distributed and sold in future. If the electricity you use could be generated just round the corner from your house or business, it puts far less load on the grid and costs are reduced. This development is part of what is sometimes known as a ‘smart grid’. It is becoming possible with far more power being generated ...

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  • Can you help?

    We have a small band of volunteers to clear the debris from the screens at the hydro. Could you spare some time to spread the load? The main need is in the autumn when the leaves fall, from about October to December. We check the site every day and use long-handled rakes to pull the debris up. If we allow debris to build up we lose power and income available for community benefit. If you'd ...

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  • Boxing Day flood 2015 at Whalley Hydro

    Photo Andy Mattison. The highest ever river level put Whalley Community Hydro out of action on Boxing Day. The water got into the generator building but the electrics had been switched off so the damage to the equipment was not severe. A few parts have been replaced and we are now generating again.

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  • Share total now at £740,000

    We are close to our target of £750,000. The share offer remains open until we reach the target.

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  • Power output

    See how Whalley Hydro is performing. A graph showing output data is now available on the home page of our website which is updated frequently. This will enable you to keep up to date with how the hydro is functioning. The rain it raineth every day just now in Lancashire. Just what is needed for hydros.

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  • Share total now at £697,000.

    We are getting close to our target of £750,000. The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) finishes at the end of November by order of the Treasury. Until the next share issue on 29 November investors can take advantage of the 30% tax relief still available. After that share issue our share offer will remain open if we have not reached the target but EIS tax relief will no longer be available.

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  • High water at Whalley Hydro

    This is the highest since the big flood of June 2012. The electrical equipment in the generating building is high on the walls well above the 100 year flood level. If water does enter the building all the equipment is safe. The screw stops when the water gets high as there is no head of water to power it. You might think when there is as much water as this we must be generating lots of ...

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  • Why do people invest in community energy projects?

    A survey of Whalley Community Hydro members on email helps to answer this question. It was conducted during the week of 2 November 2015 to get feedback on motivation for investing in Whalley Community Hydro. In summary, we have a picture of community minded investors who are seriously concerned about climate change and for whom energy security is also a consideration. The major reasons for investing for nearly all respondents is not financial reward although this ...

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