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  • Power output

    See how Whalley Hydro is performing. A graph showing output data is now available on the home page of our website which is updated frequently. This will enable you to keep up to date with how the hydro is functioning. The rain it raineth every day just now in Lancashire. Just what is needed for hydros.

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  • Share total now at £697,000.

    We are getting close to our target of £750,000. The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) finishes at the end of November by order of the Treasury. Until the next share issue on 29 November investors can take advantage of the 30% tax relief still available. After that share issue our share offer will remain open if we have not reached the target but EIS tax relief will no longer be available.

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  • High water at Whalley Hydro

    This is the highest since the big flood of June 2012. The electrical equipment in the generating building is high on the walls well above the 100 year flood level. If water does enter the building all the equipment is safe. The screw stops when the water gets high as there is no head of water to power it. You might think when there is as much water as this we must be generating lots of ...

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  • Why do people invest in community energy projects?

    A survey of Whalley Community Hydro members on email helps to answer this question. It was conducted during the week of 2 November 2015 to get feedback on motivation for investing in Whalley Community Hydro. In summary, we have a picture of community minded investors who are seriously concerned about climate change and for whom energy security is also a consideration. The major reasons for investing for nearly all respondents is not financial reward although this ...

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  • Treasury blow to community energy

    The Treasury has just announced that they will exclude community energy projects from the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). It appears that they don’t like double-subsidies (e.g. FITs plus tax relief) in spite of being in favour back in March. We are told that shares need to be issued by 30 November 2015 for investors to qualify for the relief – even where investments have received advance assurance. There has been no prior warning of this ...

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  • Ribble Valley Business Awards 2015 scoop for Whalley Hydro

    Whalley Community Hydro scooped three awards at the Ribble Valley Business Awards 2015 last night. “To win three awards shows great confidence in clean, green energy in Ribble Valley,” said Graham Sowter, Whalley Community Hydro chair, who received the awards at the ceremony. The top award, the Bowland BioEnergy Award celebrates the ‘best of the best’ as the judges' criteria says. The winner of this category is ‘a local business that is the most inspiring entry across ...

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  • Containing sound from the screw

    A new pvc curtain has been fitted at the outlet to damp the sound from the splashing of the screw. At certain river levels and outputs from the screw a sound has been heard which neighbours tell us can be a problem. Other micro hydro plants have found the pvc curtain to be effective in controlling the sound. Initially we tried altering the setting points which control the speed of the screw. This did have ...

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  • Performance update

    Output has now exceeded 50% of the predicted annual output figure of 345MWh for an average rainfall year in just four months of operation since generation began in November 2014. The actual performance of the plant continues to closely match the daily theoretical output. At this rate we are comfortably on target to achieve our annual target.

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  • Handover completed

    Now that commissioning is done and principal contractor Spaans Babcock are satisfied that all is working well, handover was completed today. With the river flowing well after the recent rain we are generating up to full power. This morning we had a training session so we understand how the software works and what all the data means so we can monitor performance.    

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  • We are generating from today

    Generation proper began today. Now that testing and commissioning have been completed we are now exporting electricity to the national grid. The electrical engineer is gradually increasing to full power. Over the next couple of weeks he will be tweaking the system to get maximum efficiency. We are on schedule and within budget thanks to our principal contractor, Spaans Babcock of Heywood and civil engineering contractor William Pye of Longridge.

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