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  • Performance update

    Output has now exceeded 50% of the predicted annual output figure of 345MWh for an average rainfall year in just four months of operation since generation began in November 2014. The actual performance of the plant continues to closely match the daily theoretical output. At this rate we are comfortably on target to achieve our annual target.

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  • Handover completed

    Now that commissioning is done and principal contractor Spaans Babcock are satisfied that all is working well, handover was completed today. With the river flowing well after the recent rain we are generating up to full power. This morning we had a training session so we understand how the software works and what all the data means so we can monitor performance.    

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  • We are generating from today

    Generation proper began today. Now that testing and commissioning have been completed we are now exporting electricity to the national grid. The electrical engineer is gradually increasing to full power. Over the next couple of weeks he will be tweaking the system to get maximum efficiency. We are on schedule and within budget thanks to our principal contractor, Spaans Babcock of Heywood and civil engineering contractor William Pye of Longridge.

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  • Praise from DECC Minister for Whalley Community Hydro

    “The Whalley Community Hydro project is a fantastic example of people coming together to generate and own their own local renewable energy, providing a sustainable income stream for the benefit of the wider community” writes Department of Energy and Climate Change Minister, Amber Rudd. “Thank you for all your efforts and continuing interest in community energy. I look forward to working together in order to achieve our shared objectives of decarbonisation, decentralisation and diversification, and affordable ...

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  • The screw is turning

    The last pile came out today at the inlet to let the water in to turn the screw. Testing to optimise performance will continue this week. Early next week we start getting paid for the electricity going into the national grid. Then there will be further tweaking until hand over by the contractors, Spaans Babcock, to Whalley Community Hydro in mid November.

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  • 600 years of water power in Whalley

    Whalley Community Hydro are holding an event to mark Community Energy Fortnight at the Old Grammar School Community Centre on Station Road on Thursday 25 September, 7.30-9pm. The team behind the project will present a slide-show of the story of the construction of the hydro which is now nearing completion. There will be opportunities for questions and discussion about the share issue and future plans too. Entrance is free. All welcome.

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  • Lancashire Life article on Whalley Community Hydro

    Lancashire Life magazine has an article this month The Whalley Community Hydro Project aims to place power back in the community.

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  • Transformer arrives

    Electricity North West deliver the transformer ready to receive the low voltage supply from the hydro electric plant and transform it to the high voltage supply to the national grid.  

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  • Whalley Community Hydro wins national award

    At UK Community Energy Awards ceremony in Oxford this evening Whalley Community Hydro wins Start-up of the year.   Graham Sowter (right), chair of Whalley Community Hydro receiving the award.

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