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Why do people invest in community energy projects?

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A survey of Whalley Community Hydro members on email helps to answer this question. It was conducted during the week of 2 November 2015 to get feedback on motivation for investing in Whalley Community Hydro.

In summary, we have a picture of community minded investors who are seriously concerned about climate change and for whom energy security is also a consideration. The major reasons for investing for nearly all respondents is not financial reward although this is a consideration for most.

The main reasons for investing were I want to help reduce carbon emissions and I like to support community ventures in the locality. Each had very few respondents saying the item was not a consideration in their decision to invest. The strong support for carbon reduction was not surprising as our share offer document and publicity had emphasised this. However, the strength of support for community ventures was a surprise.

Interest in financial rewards was ranked seventh out of the eight items with 54% saying it was either not a consideration or only a minor consideration. It was only a major consideration for 9%.

Encouraging wider take up of renewable energy was popular as was contributing to energy security.

Nearly all respondents made their own decisions to invest. Only 5% of respondents said a major consideration was that someone told me it was a good idea.

The survey was done using the internet. 261 members were notified by email and 125 responded (48%). This is a very high response rate. Thanks to all who took part.


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