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First GWh output for Whalley Hydro

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The plant has continued to operate reliably and recent plant performance/output has remained very healthy. With the wetter than normal end to July the output for the month was 24,000kWh far exceeding the target of 7,000kWh expected for the average rainfall for July.

Based on the 20 year average rainfall/river flow since start-up in November 2014 the predicted generation total to date amounts to 926,000kWh. However because actual rainfall/river flow has been higher than this average, with plant performance in line with the designer’s predicted output, the total generated/exported by the end of July 2017 should have totalled 1,036,000kWh. Actual generation/export totalled slightly less but still a very respectable 1,026,000kWh which is 99.0% of design and 110.8% of the 20 year average. Credit for this performance also needs to go to the volunteers who continue to keep the turbine screens clear of debris.


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